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stratos iliou
In 2020 I experienced a difficult professional situation combined with the Covid pandemic. I had a lot of spare time every day and I decided to invest in my personal development. After thorough research I decided to work with Maria Papazoglou on Personal Branding. In our sessions we worked on professional self-awareness, empowerment, goal setting and creating an action plan to achieve the goal. Through the sessions I was able to develop skills, to improve my way of thinking for self-motivation, for action and effective assertion of my professional goals. I am very grateful to Maria for what she gave me through the sessions as a career coach and I recommend anyone who wants to invest in themselves to work with her.
Stratos Iliou
Country Manager at VGP-Athens, Greece
ιωαννα καρατζογλου
I have had the pleasure of working with Maria as my career coach and I can honestly say that she plays an integral role in my career development. Maria has an incredible ability to connect with people and genuinely cares about helping others succeed. Success, Balance & Fulfilment is her moto, which through our coaching and NLP sessions, became non-negotiables in every aspect of my life. Thank you Maria for your valuable guidance.
Ioanna Karatzoglou
Robotics Sales Engineer- Athens, Greece
γερασιμος μοσχοπουλος
Maria Papazoglou was my trusted career coach during my transition and transformational journey when I moved from Greece to the USA. From our first coaching sessions, I was impressed by her down-to-earth approach in assessing real-life situations, which she combined with her genuinely thoughtful demeanor. As a result, our sessions became roadmaps for action, empowered by positive emotions to achieve my career goals. Also, Maria's high level of self-awareness and 360o life view motivated me to work towards attaining a more fulfilled and purposeful life. I was always looking forward to having our next session with Maria! Besides her profound coaching experience and qualifications, she showed me how to boost my brand equity and develop a winning mindset with her expertise in Personal Branding and NLP. Most importantly, Maria made every coaching session a wonderful experience, she showed me how to visualize achievements and she was always committed to my success. I am deeply grateful to Maria for being my career coach, and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone willing to partner with a dedicated and empathetic ally to achieve their career goals and aspirations.
Gerasimos Moschopoulos
Treasury Management & Operations Atlanta in FS-Atlanta, USA
παναγιωτης μερκουρης
I had the privilege to choose Maria as my coach, at the time when i wanted to develop my skills and build myself up, as well as to learn how to cope with challenging situations in my workplace. Our coaching sessions have supported me to achieve my goals and more specifically to get prepared and succeed to the next stage of my career where I am now. Maria can lead you to positive changes and keep the motivation in high levels. The feedback I received from my contacts about the new skills I acquired was extraordinary. Maria as a career coach offers great tips and encouragement as well as a unique sense of ongoing support. She was able to articulate the essence of my career situation very quickly, as she understands what you really want to do with your career. She helped me a lot in my next career step with her advices. Except from the 1:1 coaching sessions, I have also participated to the group workshops where Maria teaches and inspires the team, providing further insights that can help you to develop your skills and create a more fulfilling future. If you need a coach to help you boost your career and/or even an NLP coach and trainer, she is absolutely the One!
Panagiotis Merkouris
CISO | Information Security Executive- Athens, Greece
βικτωρια ζωγραφου
I was really delighted to have some sessions with Maria! Maria inspired me see things in a different way, sometimes outside of the box. From our first session, I felt that Maria knew me for many years. She is a talented career woman with emotional intelligence using it in an appropriate way wherever needed. Hope a new opportunity comes and work with you again soon!
Victoria Zografou
Purchasing Manager at Carglass Greece- Athens, Greece
Στέφανος Αγρότης
A highly-qualified and passionate career coach, Maria Papazoglou has the ability to combine intimacy and professionalism, providing high-performance coaching. She methodically drives you to discover your true self and identify your talents. She motivates you to reach your full potential, set and achieve your smart goals, and stand out in a highly competitive, demanding and critical world. She urges you to be true to yourself and live the life you want. After just a few sessions (4 sessions) I set clear career goals and I took the right decision for my career path. I created a better future for myself and the coaching sessions helped me to take control of my life. I highly recommend Maria Papazoglou to people who want to fulfil their dreams and live their lives on their own terms.
Stefanos Agrotis
PhD Chemistry at UCL- London, Great Britain
ξενια χολεβα
NLP, PERSONAL BRANDING, COACHING, are the magical words that can help all people in all areas of life! The goal is professional development, but ultimately, it leads to a broader expansion of new knowledge. However, the most important thing is the person who is called to show you these new paths. Maria Papazoglou is that person! You instinctively understand how to operate!
Xenia Choleva
Entrepreneur and Speech Therapist Volos
A successful freelancer suggested to me Maria as a career coach. I have the opportunity to work with her since the beginning of 2020 and my experience is far above the expectations. She is a motivated, forward-thinking plus intelligent Coach with lots of knowledge in her field. Whenever I had a challenge, there has never been a time she has left me without a solution. Definitely worth recommending!
Michael Papazissis
Media Production Manager- Athens, Greece
Maria is an amazing coach. I had the opportunity to attend one of her seminars and I was surprised by her talented presentation, motivating talk and persuading communication skills. She has a natural charisma to inspire, making every individual believe that can do miracles in achieving personal and professional goals. I will be following her precious advise at every step of my future career endeavors.
George Barboutis
Strategic Marketing, Management Expert at Tourism, Culture & Hospitality- Rhodes, Greece
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