Unlock your full potential and effectively claim a new career!

Do you feel stuck in a task that no longer excites you?

Do you long for new challenges and opportunities doing what you really love?

Imagine waking up excited to pursue your professional passion, work in an environment that aligns with your values, and allows you to achieve your professional goals.

Changing your career isn’t just about changing jobs – it’s about leveraging your strengths to ensure a future full of possibilities.

Welcome to the Career Change Coaching Program!

The journey to start the journey of change towards a more fulfilling and interesting working life has just begun!

This program is the best for you if:

You aim to work in a new job, subject and role, or in a different industry, doing something completely new.
You are in the corporate environment and looking to become a freelancer or entrepreneur.
You are a freelancer or entrepreneur and want to work in the private sector.
You work in the public sector and want to switch to the private sector or become a freelancer.

Ready to get started?

Take the first step towards a bright future.

Contact me to schedule our 1st session complimentary. The job you want is possible and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

How will you benefit from Career Change Coaching?

1:1 Coaching

We take the time to understand your potential – your skills, qualifications, and unique personality traits.

We will also clarify what suits you, what you love to do so that you clarify your goals. Changing careers can seem like a mountain, but with my support, you'll gain the confidence you need to excel in your new role. 1:1 Career Change Coaching sessions ensure that your career change is not just a leap, but a strategically planned step towards success.

Strategy and Planning

Together, we will map out a clear and achievable road map for your career transition through the shortest and easiest route.

Whether you want to stay in your industry or explore an entirely new field, the strategies I'll help you design will maximize your chances of success. Strategy is followed by the creation of your personal plan which will include a series of initiatives and steps that will help you to achieve your professional goal.

Soft Skill Development

If your new path requires acquiring new skills, I offer resources and guidance to help you upgrade your skills effectively and confidently.

What if you learned to communicate in an attractive and professional way? How much will your daily working life change if you discover new ways to behave and collaborate in your workplace? Does the way you work together help you achieve what you want?
Through assessment tools that I will make available to you, we will delve into your strengths, areas for improvement as well as those new skills that you need to develop in order to respond to the new
These form the basis of a well-defined career change strategy that follows in the next step.

Winner's mindset

A successful career change isn’t just about the practical steps – it’s also about creating a winning mindset.

The NLP coaching you will receive will strengthen your mental resilience, positive attitude and self- esteem necessary to navigate challenges and embrace new opportunities. I'll help you overcome any self-doubt you have about yourself or the change project, embrace the steps ahead, and channel your inner strengths to create the foundation for lasting professional success.


Don’t let fear hold you back.
Embrace the opportunity for change and growth.
I will be your trusted partner on this exciting journey.

Your professional success story starts here!

maria papazoglou

Why choose Career Change Coaching with Maria Papazoglou?

I understand that starting a career change can be both exciting and daunting.

I have already done this 3 times so far in my 27-year career and I have come to your place!

As your Career Coach, I am here by your side in this exciting transition, drawing on my years of experience and deep knowledge of  the methods and tools that I use.

And best of all, my approach will be tailored to your unique strengths, ambitions and what you want to achieve.

Career change is an important step that requires professional self-awareness and planning. Whether it’s changing to a new line of work or a completely different industry. In this process, the experienced Career Coach is a valuable ally.

Our work takes up over 50% of our time if we subtract the hours of sleep. Consequently, it is an area that strongly affects the quality of life, our psychology as well as the relationship with  ourselves and those around us.

Thus, if our work role does not satisfy us, it negatively affects our self-esteem, does not give us joy and motivation, or causes us unpleasant feelings. Then, it is obvious that the time has come to look for a different job.

As an experienced Career Coach, I am your trusted ally who supports you through a specialized program to overcome challenges. As a result, you build self-confidence, improve your approach to the job market and achieve your professional goals.

Changing careers requires taking action, and that requires self-awareness, data analysis, and strategic steps. A good start is to discuss together and ask you the right questions to make the most suitable decision for you.

Given that you will make the decision to change careers… let’s take action!

We record your goal as specifically as possible and identify the jobs/companies/sectors that meet your goal.

What new skills or even new knowledge do you need to be able to successfully claim this change?

How will you make the transition to the new role?

How will you deal with any obstacles that come your way?

How will you significantly increase any success rates?

All these questions will concern us in the individual Career Coaching sessions. My role is to be by your side. So you make the right decisions and move methodically and safely towards your goals.

Each person is at a different stage in their career and needs a personalized Career Change
Coaching program. During the complimentary session I offer you, we will have the
opportunity to discuss your case and I will estimate the duration of the program you need as well as the number of sessions. Based on these data, I will recommend the value of this investment in your professional development. In any case, will this investment in yourself be a huge gift to you as you upgrade your professional self over time.

Also think: How much is it costing you to stay in a job that doesn’t satisfy you or doesn’t pay you what you deserve? How much it costs you to waste time from claiming to do what you love. The best time is NOW!

This service is provided through confidential individual Career Coaching sessions. They can be done online.

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