Meet Maria

With 28 years of work experience, combined with enthusiasm, innovation, and a focus on results, along with world-class studies in Coaching, NLP, and Public Speaking, I have reached the point where I am today: an experienced and effective Career Coach and Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, and NLP Master Practitioner. I support Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers to become more successful, balanced, and fulfilled.

I support them in achieving Career Goals, increasing their Performance, developing new Skills, and becoming the best version of themselves.

I collaborate with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers, supporting them in achieving their professional goals, becoming better leaders in their businesses and teams, so that they can be more successful and fulfilled. I also work with Corporate Teams who want to collaborate harmoniously and achieve better results.

My career path at a glance

In 1996, I started my career in the corporate environment in leading multinational companies in the fields of tourism, technology, and consulting. In 2008, I established my own public relations company, and in 2014, I mastered the art of Coaching. I studied Coaching and NLP, opening new horizons in my professional life. I specialized and started Career Coaching in Greece, giving the opportunity to those who want to develop their careers and aim high.


I hold a degree in Economics from the University of Piraeus and have studied coaching at two schools accredited by the official coaching associations (ICF, EMCC, AC). My studies also includes specialized training in the United States from Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Cloe Madanes and Brendon Burchard. I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner by ABNLP.

I write articles for HuffPost, Thrive Global, and other media outlets, and I am a regular speaker at conferences and events.

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