Unlock your full potential and achieve your career goals!

Do you feel that you have qualifications and skills that you have not yet utilized to rise professionally?

Are you stuck in a job that doesn’t grow you?

Are others getting promotions when you should be getting them?

Do you long for new challenges and opportunities doing what you really love?

Imagine waking up excited to pursue your professional passion, work in an environment that aligns with your values, and achieve your professional goals.

Welcome to the Career Coaching Program!

The path to start the journey of change with the destination of conquering your professional goals has just begun!

This program is essential for you if:

You have professional goals and you want to achieve them through the easiest and shortest route.
You want to claim a promotion in the company where you are now.
You want to find a new job with better prospects and earnings.
You have taken on a demanding work role and want to upgrade yourself to be successful and efficient.

Ready to get started?

Take the first step towards a bright future.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary session. Your professional goals will become achievable, and I am here to support you every step of the way.

How will Career Coaching benefit
you in your career development?

Self-awareness and Empowerment

This is the best way to start
a Coaching program that
will take you where you aim
quickly and efficiently.

Through assessment tools that I will make available to you, we will delve into your strengths, areas for improvement as well as those new skills you need to develop in order to meet your goal. These form the basis of a well-defined career change strategy that follows in the next step.

More specifically: We record your strengths and all your qualifications. Based on these, we start discussing your goals and  building your professional profile. In this phase, we discuss the way you think and whether that way is helping or... sabotaging you. We want you to start with your confidence and strength... high!

Assessment of current working conditions

Even if you are having a hard time or are unhappy with your current role or employer, this needs to change. Even temporarily.

It is important to improve your current work experience. Why; Because you can more easily claim your next step if you are in a balance right now, than the other way around. You want to meet your
future employer and be at your best, right?

Goal Setting and Action Plan

The career strategy
I will help you design
will maximize your
chances of success.

We are working on the detailed recording and clarification of the Goals - and the vision. Even if you don't know what you want yet, I'm always by your side to help you find it. We will clarify what suits
you, what you love to do so that you clarify your goals.

Strategy is followed by the creation of your personal action plan. It will include a series of actions that need to be taken in order to achieve your professional goal. This is a great point in the career coaching journey because it will help you clarify exactly where you want to go and in what ways you can get there. I am by your side and guide you step by step in achieving your goals.

Winner's mindset

A successful career change isn’t just about the practical steps – it’s also about creating a winning mindset.

The NLP coaching you will receive will strengthen your mental resilience, positive attitude and self-esteem necessary to navigate challenges and embrace new opportunities.

I'll help you overcome any self-doubt you have about yourself or the change project, embrace the steps ahead, and channel your inner strengths to create the foundation for lasting professional success.

Development of Personal Skills

To be able to respond perfectly
to your role, some personal skills,
the so-called soft skills,
are necessary.

What if you learned to communicate in such a way as to make a great impression? How much will your daily working life change if you discover new ways to behave and collaborate in your workplace? Does the way you work help you achieve what you want?

By answering the above questions, you will find that knowledge and degrees, experience and all the so-called "technical skills" are necessary and are a wonderful starting point. But they are not enough
for professional success. Soft skills are the key to reaching your best version!

Your upgraded personal skills will raise your overall level as a professional and thus you will have eternal success.

If your new path requires acquiring new skills, I offer resources and guidance to help you upgrade your skills effectively and confidently.


All companies want to work with the most efficient employees, the “high performers”. Getting better at your performance…

.... in the professional environment it helps you to be able to claim your promotion. So, you're getting ready to step up with more confidence and more... proof that you're their best choice.


One of the topics of my expertise as a Coach. Together we create an authentic and ideal version of
your Professional Image.

You learn ways to promote yourself as a professional successfully. Online through the internet and social media and of course Offline, in your daily presence and interaction with others. You can take off your Personal Branding if you work with me either through individual sessions or in group workshops dedicated to this subject.

1:1 Career Coaching sessions ensure that your career change is not
just a leap, but a strategically planned step towards success.

Don’t let procrastination, excuses, or fear hold you back.Embrace the opportunity I offer you to create the best version of you.

I will be your trusted partner on this exciting journey.

Your professional success story starts here!

maria papazoglou

Why choose Career Coaching with Maria Papazoglou?

I am well aware that the path to professional success can be both exciting and daunting at the same time.

I’ve experienced it in my 27 year career and I’ve been in your shoes so I can understand and relate to you.

Read more about my career path here.

As your Career Coach, I am here with you on this exciting transition to creating your best professional self. You will benefit from my many years of experience and deep knowledge of the methods I use.

You have a lot to gain by working with me, you will see it from our very first sessions.

And best of all, my approach will be tailored toyour unique strengths, ambitions and what you want to achieve.

Career Coaching is the specialized category of Coaching that deals with professional issues. E.g., getting a better job, changing company, succeeding in a new role you just took on. Through 1:1 coaching sessions, I help professionals achieve their professional goals.

Do you want to know how Career Coaching supports you to develop your career?

It helps you get to know your professional self, set clear goals and develop the necessary personal skills you need. As an experienced Career Coach, I am your trusted ally who will support you to overcome all challenges. Step by step you will build confidence and improve how you position yourself in the job market so that you can achieve your professional goals.

✓ Balance

How harmonious are things between work and personal life? What is the point of talking about success if it is not accompanied by a balance in all areas of your life. We work together towards this harmonious balance in all areas of your life. At the same time, we reduce the risk of burnout.

✓ Improving relationships

Within the working environment we want to have more allies and fewer “adversaries”. Correct? Understanding this, we look at how we can adjust your own behavior so that you can avoid conflicts and have better relationships. With everyone you interact with colleagues, customers, partners, even the most difficult of them.

✓ Efficient time-management

Time management as well as setting the right priorities is a basic requirement in our daily working life. If we achieve this, we ensure both better performance and more free time for us. It often seems impossible, but with the right mindset and a few techniques we’ll work together, we can make it happen.

✓ We create new perspectives

How would things be if you could see them from another perspective? This possibility is one of those that NLP (neuro-linguistig programming) offers us.  Therefore, we can discover new perspectives on everything. As a result, we offer ourselves more choices and therefore more success in whatever we pursue.


Each person is at a different stage in their career and needs a personalized Career Change Coaching program. During the complimentary session I offer you, we will have the opportunity to discuss your case and I will estimate the duration of the  program you need as well as the number of sessions. Based on these data, I will recommend the value of this investment in your professional development. In any case, will this investment in yourself be a huge gift to you as you upgrade your professional self over time.

Also think: How much is it costing you to stay in a job that doesn’t satisfy you or doesn’t pay you what you deserve? How much it costs you to waste time from claiming to do what you love. The best time is NOW!

This service is provided through confidential individual Career Coaching sessions. They can be done online.

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