I support executives and entrepreneurs to be successful, balanced and fulfilled.

It's exciting and you can conquer every goal! To create and introduce to others the best version of yourself.
Maria Papazoglou

You want to achieve professional goals, but you encounter difficulties, and you don't get the results you want.

I am by your side to make the right moves so that you develop your career to the level you desire and deserve!
Maria Papazoglou
If you find it difficult to
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Coaching for Individuals

Whatever professional goal you have, you can achieve it through my methodology in Career Coaching.

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Executive Coaching
Group Workshops
Team Coaching

Coaching for Businesses

The goals of an executive, a corporate team, and a business are achieved more easily and quickly through individual and team Coaching programs.

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Personal Branding
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Business Building Mentoring

Group Programs

The power of the team, interaction, motivation, come together to elevate the empowering experience and provide you with knowledge and tools to apply from the very next day!

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— About me

It will be my pleasure to meet you!

I support executives and corporate teams to create the best version of themselves, work together harmoniously and achieve their goals.

The 28 years of my professional experience, my enthusiasm, innovation and emphasis on results, as well as world-class studies in Coaching, NLP and Public Speaking, have led me to where I am  today.

maria papazoglou
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stratos iliou
In 2020 I experienced a difficult professional situation combined with the Covid pandemic. I had a lot of spare time every day and I decided to invest in my personal development. After thorough research I decided to work with Maria Papazoglou on Personal Branding... more
Stratos Iliou
Country Manager at VGP
Athens Greece
ιωαννα καρατζογλου
I have had the pleasure of working with Maria as my career coach and I can honestly say that she plays an integral role in my career development. Maria has an incredible ability to connect with people and genuinely cares about helping others succeed.... more
Ioanna Karatzoglou
Robotics Sales Engineer
Athens, Greece
γερασιμος μοσχοπουλος
Maria Papazoglou was my trusted career coach during my transition and transformational journey when I moved from Greece to the USA. From our first coaching sessions, I was impressed by her down-to-earth approach in assessing real-life situations, which she combined with her genuinely thoughtful demeanor... more
Gerasimos Moschopoulos
Treasury Management & Operations
Atlanta in FS-Atlanta, USA
παναγιωτης μερκουρης
I had the privilege to choose Maria as my coach, at the time when i wanted to develop my skills and build myself up, as well as to learn how to cope with challenging situations in my workplace... more
Panagiotis Merkouris
CISO | Information Security Executive
Athens, Greece
βικτωρια ζωγραφου
I was really delighted to have some sessions with Maria! Maria inspired me see things in a different way, sometimes outside of the box. From our first session, I felt that Maria knew me for many years... more
Victoria Zografou
Purchasing Manager at Carglass Greece
Athens, Greece
Στέφανος Αγρότης
A highly-qualified and passionate career coach, Maria Papazoglou has the ability to combine intimacy and professionalism, providing high-performance coaching. She methodically drives you to discover your true self and identify your talents... more
Stefanos Agrotis
PhD Chemistry at UCL
London, Great Britain
ξενια χολεβα
NLP, PERSONAL BRANDING, COACHING, are the magical words that can help all people in all areas of life! The goal is professional development, but ultimately, it leads to a broader expansion of new knowledge... more
Xenia Choleva
Entrepreneur and Speech Therapist
A successful freelancer suggested to me Maria as a career coach. I have the opportunity to work with her since the beginning of 2020 and my experience is far above the expectations... more
Michael Papazissis
Video Production Manager, Creator, Videographer
Maria is an amazing coach. I had the opportunity to attend one of her seminars and I was surprised by her talented presentation, motivating talk and persuading communication skills. She has a natural charisma to inspire, making every individual believe that can do miracles in achieving personal and professional goals... more
George Barboutis
Strategic Marketing, Management Expert at Tourism, Culture & Hospitality
Rhodes, Greece
How does it work;

The steps to your success are simple

Taking the first step is essential for success

How about we schedule a complimentary 25-minute online session? During this meeting, we can get to know each other and see if we want to work together. I will explain everything about coaching and answer any questions you may have.

Depending on your goals, I will recommend the duration of the program and the value of your investment in yourself and your future.

to start ?

Your journey towards personal growth and professional success starts now! Let's embark on this transformative coaching experience together!

I know how you can succeed

During our 1:1 sessions, we follow the Career Coaching Methodology that I have developed, thus ensuring success in your own pursuits. Learn more about the benefits of Maria Papazoglou methodology here.

I invite you for a complimentary session

Before you decide to invest in a 1:1 coaching program, I offer you a 25-minutes complimentary online session. During this meeting, we have the opportunity to get to know each other and determine if we want and can cooperate. I will explain the framework of coaching and answer all your questions. Depending on the goal you set, I’ll recommend the duration of the program and the value of your investment in this program. You can request the complimentary session here.

What results do we achieve?

You can achieve your professional goals. Whether it is a job promotion to another role or company, or a career change or the development of your personal skills in order to respond perfectly to your work role. Therefore, you constantly upgrade your professional self and show greater prestige and influence, which makes it easier to assert your plans. In addition, through our collaboration in a coaching program, you feel more confident and dynamism, and you gain greater professional self-awareness. This will lead to an increase in your Self-Confidence and will allow you to organize your Life and Work in a way that gives you greater Satisfaction.

The most powerful methods are at your disposal

The tools, knowledge and features offered by Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) are here for you! In our sessions we will use a very effective combination of the best tools andpractices of Coaching and NLP methods. Thus, we achieve the fastest in the most beneficial way for you. In between our one-on-one sessions, I provide you with other resources of knowledge and inspiration. These can be books, videos, participation in my workshops, etc. resources that we will utilize according to your own goals.
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